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📌 General Questions

We created CodesOnSale to help Founders, Creators, Developers and Entrepreneurs grow and scale their online business no matter the size or stage. Our platform specializes in the sale of software needed to develop Websites, Web Apps & Mobile Apps alongwith CMS tools for WordPress.

Our goal is to provide any user with an opportunity to get premium products at an affordable price with less cost and Time using Our Exclusive Offers. We launched the project in 2020 and now CodesOnSale is one of the most popular websites that provide the best digital products for on big discounted prices on the market.

We have spent more then $15000+ on our collection from world famous developers & marketplaces and the number of our members is growing fast! Join and be a part of it!.

You will receive original products from developers but at a much reduced price tag. All files do not contain ads, viruses or malicious code. We have regular updates and direct download links. You will always find premium items that are not freely available online!

We do not provide license keys but we provide regular updates for the items to our members once it is available. We are not developers of the provided products, so our technical support capabilities are limited. We do not change the functionality of products and do not fix developer bugs.

You can read the website terms and conditions on this page: Terms of Use Page.

If you still have any questions that is not covered in the FAQ then kindly connect with us on discord or Telegram with your questions regarding our discount offers else use below form to send us your message.

📌 Payment and Downloads

To make purchases on our website, you must register on this page:

We review and approve user account manually to avoid spam registrations. Once your account is approved you can login to your account, you will be able to order the products from the site and pay through one of the available payment systems.

If you face any issue with payments we can provide alternate options to you for ordering.

We support payment via PayPal, Credit & Debit Cards as well.

For users from India we also provide RazorPay links & UPI payment Options.

You will find the answer to this question in our (Refund Policy) on this page:

The availibility of items will be with respect to your choosen membership Plans &  For our Lifetime Membersip users we provide regular updates once released by the developers via Google Drive updates.

Also we are only able to provide updates till the items are actively developed and maintained by the Developers.

We try to add updates once it’s made available by the authors, if you find an older version then kindly contact us for updates to the product you plan to purchase.

If you buy an older version, consider changelog carefully from the author before you buy. Make sure you can use the version we offer. As sometimes the developers stop providing the item updates or remove the items from the marketplace.

We do not provide any licensing or trial/commercial keys when you purchase digital products.

📌 Download Items Safety

All products presented on the website are downloaded directly from the developer websites and are original. We do not sell any products downloaded from third-party resources.

We provide open source software. You can check by yourself any product downloaded from our website and make sure that our files are downloaded directly from the developers and do not contain malicious code, viruses or ads.

In the list of antiviruses VirusTotal there are Chinese antivirus solutions, such as Bkav, Jiangmin, Rising, Cyren. Such antiviruses often check the code simply for the presence of function eval, base64_encode/decode, etc. Although the presence of such constructions in the php-code does not at all mean that the code is malicious, and many developers use these functions for their own purposes (packing/unpacking data, custom fonts in css and others).

For this reason, Chinese antiviruses often detect on absolutely clean files downloaded directly from developers. This is called false positives. Usually on VirusTotal when checking the files, the detection rate for false positives of 1-2 (Chinese) antivirus out of 55. In case the detection rate is higher – it may be highly likely that within the file being checked, there may be malicious code or a virus present.

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Connect with us on discord or Telegram with your questions regarding our discount offers or use below form.

We are here to help you start your business efficiently.

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